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  • What types of wood do you use for your creations?
    Here is a list of the woods I use for my wood art: Local BC Canadian woods: Alder, Apple, Arbutus, Ash, Beech, Baltic Birch, Cedar (Red, Scottish, Aromatic, and Yellow), Cherry, Fir, Hemlock, Hickory, Holly, Maple (Bird's Eye, Curly, Figured, Flame, Wormy, Spalted, Quilted), Oak, Pine, Plum, Poplar, Sequoia, Spruce, Walnut, Yew. Exotic woods: Black Limba (South Africa), Black Walnut (USA), Bloodwood (Australia), Bubinga (Equatorial Africa), Cabreuva (Southern Mexica or South America) Eucalyptus (Australia) Jatoba or Brazilian Cherry (Brazil), Lacewood or Leopard wood (New Zealand), Mahogany/Sapele (Tropical Africa, Philippines), New Guinea Teak, Padauk (West Arica), Pedra (South America), Purple Gidgee Acacia (Australia), Purple Heart ( Central or South America, Mexico or Brazil), Rosewood (South East Asia), Wenge (Central Africa).
  • Can I request a custom piece or design?
    Any items on my site, sold or for sale, can be reproduced to some varying degrees as not to make them totally the same or can be modified to suit a client. I accept any commissioned work. Feel free to contact me to get more info.
  • How do you handle shipping and delivery?
    Because I am a small business, there is a minimal delivery fee ranging from $5 to $40 depending on location and price of items. There is no fee for delivery for items over $400 or more.
  • Is there any specific recommendation for my wooden products?
    All cutting boards, charcuterie, or cheese boards can be cleaned using a damp soapy cloth and rinsed under tap water. NEVER to be placed in a dishwasher or left soaking in water.
  • What inspired you to become a wood artist, and how do you create your pieces?
    Here is a bit more about me: I was born in 1949 in Farnham, Quebec, Canada. In 1969, I moved to the West Coast of Canada, first in Victoria for 9 years, to Calgary for 35 years, to finally retire in 2012 in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Earlier on in my life, I worked as a carpenter. At age 37 I decided to attend the University of Calgary to become a French Immersion Elementary School Teacher. At 41, I started my new career. I never lost sight of working with woods, but on a smaller scale. I constructed several pieces of furniture for my family and eventually for others. My hobby grew even more when retirement brought me to Nanaimo. I began crafting and creating various types of small wood projects, and eventually I set up my website to showcase my wood art creations. In 2018, I embarked on learning the Inlay technique known as French Marquetry through the supervision of master craftsman in that trade. I continue to experiment and looking for ways to improve my skills. You can follow me on
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